Welcome to Exclusive Aromas  where you will find a premium range of nourishing aromatherapy spa body products that includes massage oils, body oils, bath oils, body scrubs and body butters.

Depending on where you apply a product your skin absorbs up to 100% of what you put on it. For this reason  our product range has been formulated using the finest raw ingredients including pure vegetable oils, butters, waxes and essential oils.

To maintain freshness, quality and purity we hand blend in small batches our products also conform to the European Cosmetic Product Safety Regulations.

Our product ingredients are listed on each of our product pages, there are some ingredients you will not find in our products, there are:

NO synthetic ingredients

NO petrochemicals


NO parabens

NO artificial fragrances

NO wheat based products

We have prepared our essential oil synergies to give optimum results and our carrier oil and base blends have been chosen for their therapeutic properties.

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions we would love to hear from you